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Test Run

This is the output generated by server and client when they are run. The lines starting with [Client] and [Server] are log messages generated by Zoidcom.


[Server]: inserting node of class [ZC0M]
[Server]: incoming connection request from UDP: (control id: 0)
[Server]: new outgoing bandwidth for 1: 200 bpp / 15 pps
[Server/1]: disconnect requested by application
! WARNING: [Server/1]: connection timeout
[Server]: deleting node with network id: 1 [class: ZC0M][local id: 1]

The connection timeout occurs sometime after killing the client again.


[Client/1]: connecting to UDP: localhost:10000 (control id: 0)
ZCom_Address: resolved hostname 'localhost' to
[Client]: inserting node of class [ZC0M]
[Client/1]: peer accepted connection request
Connection established.
[Client/1]: peer requested new connection quality: 200 bpp/15 pps
[Client]: new outgoing bandwidth for 1: 200 bpp / 15 pps

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