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Project Setup

In order to use Zoidcom in your project, these prerequisites need to be met:

The setup itself is simple:

Debug Libraries

All library files come in an additional debug version, with the same name as the normal version except an additional 'd' at the end (libzoidcom_mw.a becomes libzoidcom_mwd.a and so on). The debug libraries do not contain any debug symbols. What they do is performing lots of API usage checks plus they embed lots of debug information into the network stream, which makes them incompatible with the non-debug versions. Detected errors are reported through asserts as well as through Zoidcom's logging facility. The most important function is bitstream type checking.

This code will assert with the debug library:

ZCom_BitStream *stream = new ZCom_Bitstream();
// write a 16 bit int
stream->addInt(20001, 16);
// read a 15 bit int (instead of the original 16bit)

This will be helpful in many places, especially when writing custom replicators, as errors like above will render a complete packet unusable for Zoidcom everytime they occur.

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